I’m an only child

I got up this morning and looked for Eddie. Mommy said I’m an only child now.

OK…….so where is Eddie? What does this ‘only child now’ mean?

I miss my brother. He kept me warm when we slept on Mommy’s chair. He made Tug-O-War fun. He ate sticks with me. I miss my brother but Mommy says I am an only child now.

Mommy said that Eddie will come and play with me. I hope he does it soon because I miss my brother. And I am not sure about the ‘only child’ business that Mommy keeps telling me. I guess I will go and sleep on Mommy’s chair. HEY MOM CAN YOU THROW THAT BLANKET ON ME PLEASE!

That is all…….


Sweet Potatoes

I wasn’t happy about the carrots, not because I don’t like them, I just wanted my Milk Bones. But now Mommy has found Sweet Potatoes. I LOVE SWEET POTATOES! These sweet delicious chunks of orange are so much better than carrots. Egger, that’s what we call Eddie now, loves them too. Only thing about Egger, he loves everything. He eats everything Mommy gives him except ice. Thats another story.

Last night just before we went to bed Mommy gave us a piece of sweet potato, that was the best bedtime snack I have ever had. But now Mommy says we ate all the sweet potatoes and she won’t get any for a week. What’s a week? I hope it doesn’t mean I have to wait for the sweet potato because I LOVE SWEET POTATOES!

That is all……..

Lots of naps today

Mommy took all the clothes out of the house today and when she brought them back they all smelled so good. All my blankets ended up on the floor because I had to try and snuggle inside each one, they were so warm. I pushed them all off the bed and when Mommy picked them up and folded them and put them all in a nice pile, I did it again. Mommy wasn’t happy.┬áBut I was…

After she put them all away we took a nap…a short nap.

Then we went outside and came in and took another nap.

That is all.

My Brother the drunk…Eddie, oh Eddie

Eddie was gone all day and I couldn’t figure out where he went…until he came home with a lampshade on his head. That’s right, Eddie was out partying all day. When he came home he had a lampshade that Mommy had to take off him. He looked so funny and he got mad when I laughed at him. I couldn’t help it. He was walking backwards and when he went forward he got his head caught on everything.

I asked him where he was and he said all he remembers is waking up in the doggie drunk tank. It was so loud in there. All the dogs were telling the humans they wanted to get out of there. And some of the other dogs were wearing lampshades on their heads too. He told me there was a great big Rottweiler crying in the cell next to his. He said his sister was in there cussing everyone out. She told the humans that her lampshade did not match her ensemble and she wanted it off immediately. He said thats the last time he goes out with his sister because Eddie came home with a lampshade and didn’t have his nuts any more.

I checked and sure enough, his nuts were gone. He had them when he left the house this morning. I remember a long long time ago I went somewhere and came home with a lamp shade on my head, but, no nuts!

Mommy cut his lampshade so its not so long now and I think she might be gonna put it back on his head. I hope so because Eddie is funny when he wears it.

He’s sleeping it off right now. Poor Eddie. He needs to go to Doggie Alcoholics Anonomous.